Wash, then sling out your iron

Household appliances are big, boring, energy-hungry boxes as far as most are concerned. But here’s one who we think might have broken the mould.

Cue the LG Steam Direct Drive washer.  Just the word ‘steam’ got us perked up at first and with a closer look we found an innovative, ultra efficient washing machine packed with new technology and gizmos.

An embedded steam generator produces steam instead of water at critical points of the washing cycle, which means a reduction in both water and energy use.  The best part? On selected programs, this eliminates the need for ironing.  Now we’re really hooked!

LG claim a 51% reduction in electricity consumption and 44% in water consumption, compared to standard washers and they certainly exceed the Energy Saving Trust’s recommended standards for energy efficient products.

The steam performs several tasks – yep, it removes dirt and wrinkles and refreshes clothes in 20 minutes flat using minimal amount of water.  It also eliminates all sorts of common allergens such as dust mites and pet dander.  And for this, it gets an endorsement by the British Allegry Foundation.  Go LG!

We’ve dug a bit deeper and found some more info on this labour saving marvel plus of course some fun stuff, click on the link below for more.

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